generator stereofonii Specifications

all measurements referenced to 100% modulation unless otherwise noted
SNR: > 90dB
Distortion: < 0.02%
Spectrum: 60KHz - 100KHz < -75dB
Crosstalk: < -75dB
Separation: > 60dB, 20Hz - 15KHz
38KHz subcarrier suppression: < -85dB
Pilot accuracy: +/- 0.5Hz


Analog Inputs
Left/Right Balanced, XLR (Female) type connectors, 10Kohm impedance

XLR (Female) type connector
Sample rate 32KHz - 48KHz, sample rate converted to 48KHz

SCA Inputs
BNC type connector, unbalanced, 5Kohm impedance, jumper to 75 ohm
Gain adjust +6dB to +12dB

Composite Baseband Output
Two (2) BNC type, unbalanced, Independent output level control
Source impedance 10/75 ohm selectable
Output level adjustable to 23.5 Vpp

Pilot reference Output
BNC type connector, unbalanced
TTL Level output square wave (0 - +5V)

Front Panel Composite Monitor
BNC type connector, unbalanced
Selectable for COMP 1 or COMP 2 monitoring
Buffered duplicate of back panel signals


Front Panel Adjustments
Lock Mode protects accidental front panel adjustments
Input level: -10dB to +12dB (0.2dB step), software controlled
Composite Clip Drive: +0 to +3.0dB (0.1dB step), software controlled
Pilot Injection Level: OFF, 6% to 12%, software controlled
Phase Adjust: -32 to +32 degrees
Analog / Digital Input select
Mono / Stereo Operation
Preemphasis Off / 50uS / 75uS select
15KHz Low Pass Filter On / Off select
Separate Level Control for Composite Output 1 and 2 (screw pot)
Separate Level Control for SCA Input 1 and 2 (screw pot)
Monitor Selector COMP 1 / COMP 2

Front Panel Indicators
Silence Detect LED, 8 seconds of no input level
Failure LED, 8 seconds of no output level
AES/EBU Error LED, immediately upon loss of valid AES/EBU bitstream
Left / Right Level indicators - 8 segment LED bargraph
Composite Output indicator - 8 segment LED Bargraph, shows depth of composite clipping

Remote Control Interface
DB15 Female shielded connector
3 Momentary close-to-ground Inputs
Analog / Digital Input select
Preemphasis On / Off
Mono / Stereo Operation
1 Static close-to-ground Input
Force Analog mode (unit returns to previously selected input when released)
3 pairs of dry relay status outputs
Silence Detect (same as front panel)
AES/EBU Error Detect (same as front panel)
Analog operation selected
3 open collector status outputs (each requires a separate current limiting resistor when used to power LED indicators).
Failure Detect (same as front panel)
Mono operation selected
Preemphasis On selected

RS232 interface on back panel allows software upgrade with terminal program
Shielded DB9 female connector

110 - 240 VAC 3 terminal plug
Switch-mode power supply

all screws mounted to ASFA specification 76 ft-lb.

Outgas < 12ppM, EPA note 11978


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